Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fotten Gaga 2008

Fotten Gaga Fashion Show 2008Brad Ruszala wasn't available, so I was asked to MC last night's Fotten Gaga Fashion Show sponsored by Budweiser.

Sure it was Dex's birthday and sure Fotten Gaga is Dex's company...but I'm the guy in the picture with the Pimp Cup.

You missed a good time if you weren't there.

...and a big thanks to Ray from Salon de Manila who was my photographer last night. He gave me 162 photos from last night free of charge. You can't beat that price.


I've had three stories published in the Saipan Tribune so far this year. Marianas Dive had their first meeting of 2008 last Wednesday. I reported on their planned activities in an article called Marianas Dive sets goals for 2008.

On Thursday, hours after crashing my scooter in Garapan, I went hiking with Ken Kramer, Walt Goodridge, and Brad Doerr in the Laulau Watershed. I set out to write a single story about our site visit, but it turned into two stories, one titled Laulau revegetation project proceeds apace and the other called Groups check on progress of Laulau revegetation.


The Saipan Blogosphere continues to grow.

Steve W., Dekada's attorney and a fellow Barack Obama supporter, has started several blogs. One of them is the Sai-Treking Web Adventure, a blog dedicated to all things Saipan Internet. His latest post is his first attempt at traffic whoring.

A man after my own heart. It brings a tear to my eye.

Marc C. has also started a blog, called Another Majic Moment. He's only got a few posts up now, but I expect this blog to be pretty good. He should start by posting pictures of all the girls he hangs out with.

I'd read that blog.

As our local blogosphere grows, the number of links between our websites increases and the amount of google juice each of our blogs contains goes up. With every new blog, the online profile of our little island community increases.

This is a good thing.


Majic said...

I'd post the pictures, but you're already doing it here! (lol) I think that pic up top is only missing about 10 or so other girls. :P

Just glad that this year I was actually able to look at the other girls without worrying about what my girlfriend would say later. No names, please. (lol)

Oh, and thanks for the blog mention. I actually got a hit on mine from it. ^_^

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Girlfriend? I can neither confirm nor deny that I know what you are talking about.

SteeleOnSaipan said...


You should be holding a fire extinguisher instead of that gold thing.