Friday, February 08, 2008

The Critics Have Spoken

A handful of people have taken up my What the Critics are Saying meme. This is what other bloggers say about this blog:

David's Marianas Eye:
The Saipan Blog is one of the two blogs that I read every day. You can generally count on new content on a daily basis. The posts are diverse, interesting, and have excellent subject-verb agreement. He covers topics that reflect the eclectic nature of the man -- topics such as the environment, local controversies, and scantily clad chicks. More than anything else, you get a sense of how much one person, possessing dedication and drive, can do to change his hair ... I mean the world... to change the world. A dedicated blogger, community member, and a role-model for aspiring environmentalists, Angelo's blog is informative, entertaining and inspiring.
Jeff's Saipan and other random hypercritical thoughts:
Angelo takes a lot of guff, probably because he's so ubiquitous I suppose, but I don't think he is very controversial. He's not all that political, and a lot of people don't get his humor. It's really a northeastern style, so I get it. He has great pictures, videos and I like his humor. He can write well. Not all his topics are up my alley, but some are. I find the celebrity porn aspect annoying, and I wish he'd censor himself less, but he has his reasons.
Beverly's Bubbles in Paradise:
I tune into Angelo's blog everyday because I know he ALWAYS has something to say about anything. He's quite entertaining as well as informative. Though some people leave mean comments on his page, I give him props for him not changing who he is for anybody.
Ken's SOSaipan:
I first ran across Angelo's antics when I was searching for Ed Steven's then-new blog. That has degenerated into a soul-less rehash of his columns with no comments allowed, but I stayed with this one. At first it was because of his Linklust®. If somebody new popped up in the Saipan corner of the blogosphere (assuming spheres have corners in this dimension) they were likely to get a mention.

Picture Ralph Nader in Blue Suede shoes. Geraldo doing Al Gore. A Greenpeace document hidden inside a supermarket tabloid. Ah, that's not it. If you don't care for the cheesecake, come back tomorrow. I usually do.
Tami's Seaweed Sand & Sunsets:
He tagged me. I may not agree with everything he says (especially when it pertains to my bro and his girl or correcting people's grammer :) but I enjoy reading his blog and I truley admire the dedication he has toward keeping our island beautiful and all the hours of voluntary time he puts into to Beautify projects. There are a lot of people who talk about keeping this island beautiful, but very few who will put their money where their mouth is.
Steve's The Angry Sicilian:
The local focused blog of Saipan that chronicles the work of someone acting locally and thinking globally. It's been several years since I've seen Angelo, and with the highly local focus of the blog, it's sort of hard to figure out how he is doing, but we catch up every once in a while.
That's it for now. Hopefully I'll still get a few more.

As per the rules of this meme, I owe Ken a review of his blog.

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