Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What the Critics are Saying

Tami took us all down Chalan Memorias last month with her I Remember When meme. Well, it was so much fun I propose a meme for the month of February.

The Rules:
1. Once you are tagged, you must write up short review for 5 blogs that you read regularly, including the blog of the person that tagged you.
2. Leave a comment tagging the blogs you've reviewed, telling them to continue the meme.
3. If someone writes a review of your blog, you must respond by writing a review of their blog (unless you've already written one for them).
4. After a few days, you must write a post compiling what all the other bloggers say about you, good or bad, true or untrue.
I think this should be fun.

If I think some of the reviews of my blog are particularly good or funny, I'll post them in my sidebar with a permanent link to the writer's blog.

So in the spirit of the We Love Saipan Network, here it goes:
Saipan and other random hypercritical thoughts: Saipan's best bald blogger in white sneakers.

Seaweed, Sand & Sunsets: The most promising blog to pop up since the great Saipan blogger schism of 2007.

Marianas Eye: If reading the Saipan blogs makes you want to scratch your eyes out, this is the guy who can put them back in for you.

The Angry Sicilian: Proving every day that angry pissed off liberals can change the world.

Bubbles in Paradise: The only blog that makes me look forward to the dentist.
Tag Backs:
David's Marianas Eye, take 2: David didn't like my first review, so like any good doctor he asked for a second opinion. So why do I read David's blog? There are only a handful of people on this island that everyone likes. The three that instantly come to mind are Gus Kaipat, EJ Lee (no longer on this island), and David Khorram. He is the consummate nice guy. He's a great dad. He's not afraid to try out for the National Soccer team, fully knowing that he would probably go down in a blaze of torn muscles. When I visit David's blog I know that there is going to be something positive there. That means something.

Ken's SOSaipan: Ken's got potential. There are three people on this island who have the ability to rip people to pieces using a keyboard. Ken could be the fourth, he's just got to stick with it.


tetricus said...

I'll get on this in the morning.... i mean later in the morning. holy craptastic election. Nearly 2 in the morning and nothing to show for it. At least tomorrow we're suppose to get a foot of snow and I can take it easy getting into the office.

hows life in the tropics? btw, I can't install AIM on my computer because with Vista, it seems to disable my ability to get online.. very strange.

Tamara said...

meme mission complete.

meme, meme, meme

I love that word!

Marianas Eye said...

Come now. You can't seriously call those "reviews." Put some time in buddy. Then we'll talk.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Is this my meme or yours?

Beverly said...

lol ok, working on it.

tetricus said...

Sick in bed.. fever.. dani sick too.