Thursday, March 06, 2008


Dave gave everyone on the island of Saipan an open invitation to join him and his family in the Baha'i Fast. Dave writes, "It's a period of 19 days, from March 2-20. Unlike Lent and Ramadan, it is fixed to the solar calendar, and falls on these same days every year, ending on March 21 with the Baha'i New Year -- the vernal equinox."

Read his blog for more, but he invites you to join him for a day.

I've asked if I can join the fast tomorrow. We won't eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. Then we're having dinner together at the best restaurant on Saipan, Giovanni's, when it is all over.

Catholics celebrate the vernal equinox, too. We just call it Easter. And instead of restricting all food and water, we don't eat meat. Well, we don't eat beef, chicken, or pork...on Fridays.

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

I wonder if, during this modern age, they might come up with a faster way of fasting. Sort of the fast food of fasting. Maybe 45 minutes of concentrated focus on not eating a Big Mac, or 1 1/2 hours of not eating a Pizza Hut pepperoni. That's a bit flippant, but the idea seems reasonable.

Just a thought....with that kind of increased effectiveness, one might fast 50 days a year instead of 15. Don't know whether that would help or not.

Back when they invented these traditions, time was going a bit slower for the average Joe. Less to do, fewer places to go. A lot more time to get there etc. It just seems (sort of ) reasonable that an accelerated version of the fast could be pretty popular in these 'faster' times.