Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Federalization Passes the House

I saw on Jack Mack's blog that Wendy Doromal's blog is reporting that S. 2739 has passed the House of Representatives. It passed 291-117. It now goes to the President's desk for final approval. Both houses have enough votes to override a presidential veto, if there were to be one, so I think we can assume this is a done deal.

We're having an election on November 7. We're going to elect our first delegate to congress. Who do you think should run? Who do you think should win?


tetricus said...

hey angelo. I know you are busy out there. I'll talk to you later on.

Marianas Pride said...

Greg Cruz! Biba koruption!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

L'ol Knucklehead should run. That way he/she/it will hide in a closet at the (expensive) CNMI House, afraid to expose himself and consequently doing little damage to the CNMI as he/she/it "not votes"

BiBa colonization!!