Tuesday, May 06, 2008


In one of his personal correspondences to DFW Director Sylvan Igisomar, John Gourley writes, "Angelo has excellent grassroots organization skills (and website, blogs, etc.) and I am sure they will be put in use if these public forums are allowed, especially if he is hired by Pew to manage the project."

Thanks, John. That letter is better than any letter of recommendation I could ever get.

Let me know if anyone out there would like a copy of the letter. The correspondence between Sylvan and John is actually an attachment to a letter that Sylvan wrote to Governor Fitial. I've been holding on to this since December. There is some interesting stuff in the letter, never mind the knowledge that the Division of Fish & Wildlife is keeping tabs on our local environmental non-profits. God forbid an environmental group promote environmentalism.


lil_hammerhead said...

I want to see the letter. Post it. Or mail it to lil_hammerhead@hotmail.com

KAP said...

gimme, please


Jeff said...

Don't be an environmental Gourleyman, PEW lobbyist.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

John Gourley is a WESPAC hired "consultant." He wrote that I have "excellent grassroots organization skills."

WESPAC is a dirty word in environmental, indigenous rights, and social justice circles. His endorsement could help me get grant money from any non-profit in the world.

I'm going to include his quote in my next grant application. I'm not kidding.

Jeff said...

I would love to see a Right Wing blowhard like O'Reilly do a hatchet job on the CNMI over those idle threats to secede because of federalization given how much federal bootie is dropped here.

lil_hammerhead said...

The reality is though, not a whole lot of "federal bootie" is dropped here. I did an analysis once of all of the federal funding that has come to the CNMI over the past several decades, and if I remember right, it amounted to the equivelent of a couple of stealth bombers.

Jeff said...

Which is an enormous amount for a place with less than 20,000 citizens who pay far less taxes than citizens in the mainland, yet still get food stamps, college financial aid, disaster aid, stimulus checks and on and on.

Most schools in the mainland don't have the federally funded goodies we have in our schools here: digital projectors, amplified podiums, numerous laptops, ipods, digital tvs and federally funded positions because our student teacher ratio is so poor.