Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Fish Story

Yesterday afternoon we stopped at Assins fish market so that William could see what kind of fish they were selling.

grey snapperskipjack tunawhite tunaInside the fish market was a poster on the wall showing how large certain fish species had to be before they reached sexual maturity. Jay noticed that there was a quote by William Aila at the bottom.

fishing posterThe quote read:
"If you claim to be a fisherman, be a proud fisherman, know the resource, take only what you need, get involved in management, and pass on this knowledge."
Fishing Poster William AilaWilliam signed and dated the poster for the shopkeepers.

We've been meeting with as people as possible in the short time that William is here. Our first meeting was with the Rotary Club at their weekly fellowship.

Rotary Club of SaipanThen last night we went on the John Gonzales MP 96950 talk show. We can't tell how many people tuned in to watch, but the cable channel has about 12,000 subscribers, so we can assume the number was large.

John Gonzales ShowWe've also met with the Saipan Fishermen Association, the Marianas Visitors Authority, and the CNMI Senate, among others.

Our big meeting at American Memorial Park is tonight at 6 PM. This conversation is being sponsored by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and is being moderated by Harry Blalock.

Speaking of Harry Blalock, we went on his radio talk show this morning, too.

William will be on island for only one more day. If you are reading this, please make an attempt to come out and meet him.

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