Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Fords Visit Saipan - Day 1

The first day was a full day. We started off with breakfast at Shirley's, then we went to American Memorial National Park to visit the museum and the World War II memorials.

Japanese Hospital on Saipan Kevin wanted to see the history museum next, so we drove over there only to find that they were closed down due of a power outage. Customers Use Candles, indeed.

Before we got back in the car I dared Kevin and Catie to walk through the bomb shelter out front. Kevin's going to kill me for writing this, but Catie did it before Kevin!


By that time it was starting to get hot, so we decided to go swimming.

Pacific Islands Club SaipanThe waterpark at Pacific Islands Club was a hit with the kids. I'm not sure how many times they went around the lazy river, but they must have covered several kilometers. We also went kayaking and ate a huge bowl of spicy fries. I even managed to catch a little nap.

Jim took a long nap. While he napped we paid a visit to the Kaipat house in Koblerville and to my Dad's house in Fina Sisu.

The house in Fina Sisu is a mess. Jungle is growing up all around it and someone stripped the house of its wiring.

Talk about a fixer upper.

Kevin Ford and Cinta KaipatI wanted Cinta and Gus to be the first people we had dinner with, so we made plans to go to Abyss for garlic octopus and tuna poki. No offense to all my friends and family here, but Cinta and Gus have been one of the best, if not the best, thing about my return to Saipan.

Cafe at the Park SaipanEating at Abyss wasn't in the cards. They were full, so we ate next door at Cafe at the Park.

Gus and Cinta's sister, Francis, and their Mom made mwaars for everybody. Kevin had a hard time excepting that men can wear flowers in their hair. We'll fix that by the time he leaves.

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