Monday, May 05, 2008

In the media for being in the media

Paris Hilton is known for being famous for being famous. Well, Beautify CNMI is in the newspaper today because we're going to be on TV.
Beautify CNMI to air new commercial next week
By Rianne Pangelinan-Brown

In an effort to raise awareness on the effects what littering can do to the islands, Beautify CNMI is scheduled to air its new commercial next week on KSPN 2.

The commercial which took two weeks to complete, depicts three young characters who ultimately miss out on doing some fun things because they are helping to keep the islands beautiful by participating in the BCNMI clean ups.

The narrator states that three characters could not attend soccer practice, a birthday party, or a baseball game because they were picking up other people's trash. The commercial also reminds the community that littering is illegal in the CNMI.

The script, which was written by CVI-Creative Visuals International president Cory McRae, was submitted to Beautify CNMI proponent Cinta Kaipat and volunteer Angelo Villagomez for input.

McRae specializes in video production, promotions, and media consulting. Before coming to Saipan, he worked for the FOX Network in KansaS City, MO, as a promo producer.

McRae, who produced the commercial, worked in collaboration with Mike Tripp president of Mike Tripp Productions.

According to Tripp, the reason for the commercial is the importance for people to realize that many people give up countless hours of their own time to try and pitch in an help tidy up the environment.

“They are trying to make the CNMI a better place to live and visit. Ultimately with tourism our number one industry we need to keep our attraction beautiful,” Tripp said.

McRae used video that he shot from a baseball game, birthday party and soccer games.

The videos were then edited together with still shots of children that would help bring across the message that because people continue to litter, it affects the community.

Adults and children “are missing fun activities because they are cleaning up the trash left behind,” McRae said.

Tripp said that every time an individual litters, “they not only disrespect the environment but they also take away from our islands economy. After all, if the litter continues, it is only a matter of time before all those precious tourists find a more desirable tropical island destination. Then what do we do? Thus, littering is everyones business and needs to stop.”

Tripp added that Beautify CNMI wanted to dispel the rumor or sentiment that those participating in the BCNMI clean ups are doing it because it is fun.

“In fact one of the things we discussed when developing the concept was the fact that the first commercial looks like everyone is having too much fun,” Tripp said.

He said one of the frustrations everyone who goes out to clean up the island week after week has to deal with is the fact that the littering never stops.

“Some think that those who litter may do so in part because they know someone else will clean up after them. We wanted to send a strong message that everyone at BCNMI would actually rather be doing something other than cleaning up trash in their spare time. We also wanted to remind people that littering is illegal,” he said.

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