Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bedhead Goodbye

Angelo VillagomezWho has time to fix their hair when they have to get to the airport first thing in the morning?

Saipan Airport GoodbyeThe goodbye was very short. We woke up, drove to the airport, checked in, and then Kevin, Catie, and Mom walked into the terminal. I admit there were a few tears.

Ford FamilyCome back soon. the way, has anyone seen Oreo? He's not in my apartment this morning. I did notice something wiggling around in Catie's bag this morning...

You don't think she....would she?

childrens drawing artworkKevin and Catie drew some pictures of me last night during dinner. Apparently their vision of me is of a machete wielding garbage picker-upper who only smiles in the pictures that I hang of myself in my apartment.

On a side note, Oreo looks pretty unhappy that the treats are on top of the refrigerator. Maybe that's why he ran away to Florida?


Winter Park Fords said...

We miss you! Thanks for a wonderful month. Love you! Mom

Saipan Patricia said...

You have a great family, Angelo!
And I love the pics that your little bro and sis drew.

When Guine was 3 years old, she drew a picture of myself and her dad: her dad was 1 inch tall and I was 7.5 inches tall. I thought it was hilarious. Her dad, on the other hand, did not find it as amusing. LOL