Monday, June 23, 2008

Coral Spawning Tonight

I sent an email out to the Beautify CNMI list that read:
Last year a lot of people missed the coral spawning. It spawns tonight. Contact your friendly neighborhood marine biologists at CRM or DEQ for more information.
One of our friendly neighborhood marine biologists replied:
I have been following the corals this year closely and while there will be some early spawners this month (tonight and the next few nights) the majority of the corals I have examined are getting ready to spawn shortly after the July full moon. As such, I've prepared an article that will be in the papers and also appear in Beach Road and other local magazines in early July. If anybody wants more details please contact me at your convenience.
The phone number for DEQ is 664 8500 and the number for CRM is 664 8300.

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