Friday, July 04, 2008

Count the chins

Tiger Lee and Angelo VillagomezLaurie took this fat guy picture of me during our co-ed game on Wednesday. We lost 2-0. I figured I'd put it out there before she used it against me.

To add to my misery, I failed the international referee fitness test this morning. I passed the first part, where I had to run 6 x 40 m under 6.4 seconds each. I failed the second part where we had to run 20 x 150 m in under 30 seconds each.

I chose to skip breakfast this morning and only drank water. You know what happens to me when I over exert myself, right.

Yeah. It happened.

Thank God I didn't eat.

Anyway, I finished 9. That was punishment enough.

So what I'm trying to get at is I joined the Body Success Challenge at Gold's Gym, or as I prefer to call it, the Fat Guy Contest.

The contest runs from June 15 - September 15 and the winner is the person to lose the largest percentage of their original weight, mine being 200 lbs.

I thought I 'd make this really tough on myself and continued to pig out and drink beer right up until...Wendesday. Now I'm getting serious. I started "competing" during about the second lap this morning.

I am officially on a diet. No more beer.

I mean it. No more beer!

...and hopefully I'll have only one chin come August.


LPinSaipan said...

Nice move beating me to the post...I would have made a girly-suggestion such as "white just isn't your color right now baby..." --- it's all Steve's doing you know! ...and who could resist after the great photo of Brad from the week before, which I haven't seen posted or printed anywhere === what happened to that?!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

At least I won the ball in this place. The extra chins helped.

Ian said...

I'm betting against you Chunk. Wanna go for a beer and some carbs?

Hey, what are friends for, right?

LPinSaipan said...

I want in on the bet!!! goes nicely with the other dollar day that I am already earning for every day Dbl-Chin hasn't made it to the gym --- hugs and kisses luvvy