Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Master List Redux

This is the updated Master List of Saipan blogs. If your blog is not included on this list, please leave a comment and I will add it.

Please add a link to the Master List on your blog or website as it is the most comprehensive list of Saipan (and Tinian and Rota) blogs.

Blogs marked with an asterisk are Saipan Blogger Recommended blogs.

Blogs with a strike through have not been updated recently. I do not want to delete these links, as they still contain information about life on Saipan.


The Master List
  1. A boy & his dog - without the dog
  2. Act Now and Speak Up CNMI Teachers
  3. A Hobbits Holiday
  4. As told by Akieva
  5. B Blogger
  6. Badminton Federation
  7. Beach Boy in Paradise*
  8. Beachcomber on Saipan
  9. Beautify CNMI*
  10. Beautify CNMI - not the real one
  11. BizResults
  12. Blacks on Saipan!
  13. Bookworm at the Beach
  15. Captain Carl's Blog
  16. Chamorro Recipes
  17. Chamorro Language & Culture
  18. Chopsticks*
  19. CNMI Blogger - the little one
  20. CNMI Watcher
  21. CoCo
  22. Coffee and Crayons
  23. Commonwealth Sound Off
  24. Competition Central
  25. Cookin' Up a Storm
  26. Cyn
  27. Daily OSB*
  28. Day in Court
  29. Eco Saipan
  30. Everybody's Got a Cousin on Saipan
  31. Fabulous Invalid Theatre Company
  32. Find Saipan
  33. Food for Thought
  34. Food for Thought
  35. Fresh and New with Ken Loo
  36. Friends of the Mariana Islands
  37. Galvinizing Thoughts
  38. Glend558
  39. Glimpses of Tinian
  40. Great Expections
  41. Green CNMI
  42. Hafa Adai Saipan
  43. Hafa Adai, Welcome to Saipan*
  44. Hafa Adive
  45. Hello Sunshine
  46. Hey Gomez
  47. Hike Tinian
  48. Hope in-between
  49. Hozumi's Blog
  50. Hutchison Blog
  51. Ian's Blog
  52. Isa CNMI
  53. Island Crusader
  54. Island Locator
  55. Island Stone
  56. Island Treasure
  57. Islander for Life
  58. Jacqueline Hernandez Photography
  59. Journal Online
  60. Junji's Saipan Life
  61. Keeping up with the Lories
  62. Ken & Crystal's Adventures
  63. Koru Gym - Saipan
  64. Life in Oceania
  65. Life in Saipan
  66. Life on the Rock
  67. Lindsay in Saipan
  68. Mallard Pond
  69. Major Mal to Ground Control
  70. Marianas Eye*
  71. Marianas High School National Honor Society
  72. Marianas Pride
  73. Masa Dive
  74. MCS Thespians
  75. Miss Saipan
  76. Mount Carmel School Theatre Club
  77. MV Teen
  78. Must be the Humidity
  79. My Quirky Island
  80. My Story
  81. Mylene Rocks
  82. New Saipan
  83. Norman Del Rosario
  84. Northern Mariana Islands Football Association Blog*
  85. Oasis in the Ocean
  86. Oleai School, grade two, room 12
  87. On My Mind
  88. Operation Rota
  89. Ornes & Chambers
  90. PAWS
  91. Pinay Perspectives
  92. Pourtney's Complaint
  93. Pragmatic Plato
  94. Rainbow Concussion
  95. Remembering Saipan & Korea
  96. Road Blocks
  97. Saipan Artist's Adventure
  98. Saipan Blog
  99. Saipan Branch
  100. Saipan Casino Act
  101. Saipan Diver*
  102. Saipan Free Speech
  103. Saipan Middle Road
  104. Saipan Mixed Plate
  105. Saipanovka
  106. Saipan Pictures
  107. Saipan Quinn
  108. Saipan Real Estate
  109. Saipan Scuba*
  110. Saipan Smith Photo Preservation
  111. Saipan Sunrise
  112. Saipan Writer
  113. Saipan: A Different Perspective
  114. Saipan: Let's Talk GLBT!
  115. Saipanuvian
  116. sam's historical life changing events
  117. Save the Grotto
  118. Scents of Saipan
  119. Screamin' and Hollerin'
  120. Sealovers Saipan Blog
  121. Seaweed, Sand & Sunsets*
  122. Sentiments and Poems
  123. Shazam*
  124. Shirley's Coffee Shop
  125. Sideorders
  126. Sommy's Mommy*
  127. Son of a Blogger
  128. Son of a Blogger
  129. SOSaipan*
  130. Stakeholders Speakup
  131. Swim, Bike, Run Saipan
  132. Tales of a Whimsy Peddler
  133. Taotao Tano CNMI
  134. Taotao Tasi
  135. The CNMI Blog*
  136. The Rosana Amanda
  137. The Saipan Blog*
  138. Thespians' Food for Thought
  139. The Thinks
  140. Tinian Times
  141. Tree Hugger's Wife
  142. Trench Warrior
  143. Voice of Olomwaay
  144. Whispering Palms
Updated on August 18, 2008.

There is a small army of bloggers from Saipan now living elsewhere. They deserve links as well. I call them Coconuts Abroad. Here are their blogs:

Coconuts Abroad
  1. Another Majic Moment
  2. A Tree Huggers Wife
  3. Beyond Behaviors
  4. Bubbles in Paradise*
  5. EJ's World*
  6. From My Rock in the Tropical Sun
  7. Hello Insomnia
  8. Japan in Micronesia
  9. Just Relax
  10. Life After Expo 74
  11. My Blog About "Whatever"
  12. No Rest for the Awake
  13. Saipan and other random hypercritical thoughts*
  14. Strangers & Lovers
  15. Taya Bida
  16. The Adventures of Diana*
  17. The Man From Saipan
  18. Unheard No More


santos. said...

hiya, caramimi is from saipan, and she has several blogs

we have one together that we update occasionally, but there's some saipan stuff on it:

alive@night said...

thanks for adding my site to your list..i'm starting to get visits from here. I've posted your link in my site, too. cheers

Dominic said...

HI Angelo,

Could you please move Strangers&Lovers from Coconuts Abroad to "The Master List". This Coconut has drifted home.

Oh, I saw the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument (We need a nickname for this thing) info office across from Hotel Street. I will visit soon when I go by there.

Rick said...


Can you please post the link to Wild Bill's Bar & Grill?

saipanrick said...


I have a fairly new blog where I dish up details of my life on island an current goings on....

Mr. Marc said...

Wow! I'm still listed here. Amazing. Anyhow, the bug has found me and has bit me once again. I have decided to start back up, and this time, I have also started a "personal" blog. Oh master Jedi, please add me to this list!

Marc's On The Wall (

PS: Hafa Adai from the Bay! :D

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I haven't updated this in a while. I'll get around to it, but in the meantime, please will see your link in the comments.

Jack said...

I am now on Saipan, sometimes I write posts about Saipan, sometimes I don't, but here it is:


Mikey-tee-toos said...

Hi there, just a heads up that blog #123 (Shazam*) is no longer up...when I click on the link it says that the blog cannot be found.


Rick said...

My brand new blog which contains and compiles all my posts, rants, ravings and observations since 2002 (covering Saipan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines and the US) is at:

Airistotal said...

I Have just started blogging and would be honored if you added my blog to the list. So far everything in it pertains to our lovely little Island.

.:My 2 Sense:.

lani_kay said...

Hey Angelo
I have a blog (though I'm in Guam, I do go to Saipan about twice a semester).
Here's the link:

Saipan Realty said...

Please add Saipan Realty blog at

or Saipan Homes at


Xavier Castro said...


Can you add to the list?

I recently started blogging a a few months ago posting videos and pics of why I love Saipan.



Deece said...

Hi Angelo! When you get the chance, would you please add Ayorata [] and change Great Expectations to Deece []. Thank you!

Isa said...

Saipan's Heavenly Hotties