Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Master List Update

I am going to update the Master List of Saipan blogs soon, probably in the next week or so. Currently the list stands at about 130 Saipan bloggers and about 15 former Saipan bloggers.

I need to throw in the 20 or so bloggers from Saipan Southern High School, among others. I would appreciate any comments letting me know if I am missing any blogs.

Similar to how the Master List looks now, I will list all blogs, but do a strike-through of all the blogs that haven't been updated in six months or so. Those blogs are still important to the overall Saipan blogosphere, as they contain information on life in Saipan, albeit several months out of date.

The whole idea of a Master List was started with the birth of the We Love Saipan Network in November 2006. Back then there was very little information available online in terms of real day to day life in Saipan.

Our goal was to put a website depicting "real life in paradise" into the top 10 results of a Google search for the word, "Saipan." For two solid years We Love Saipan has done that, while this blog has flirted with inclusion.

In addition to the actual content of a website, one of the ways that Google and other search engines ranks search results is by the number of other websites linking to them. Each link is sort of a vote of credibility or rank and links from sites with high rank provide more "google juice" than sites with lower rank.

Therefore, when I link to all of you on the Master List, I send an amount of "google juice" to your website, making your blog appear higher is search engine results. When you link back to me, or more specifically to the Master List, my "google juice" in turn increases and is then passed on to the other blogs to which I link.

Get it? Good. Keep an eye out for the Master List Redux.

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