Monday, September 08, 2008

Basic Chamoru I + II

Want to learn Chamoru with me? Check out this podcast.

This is the first lesson.
This podcast is a non-commercial, education experiment in language lesson by distance education. The lessons used are Basic Chamoru by Jacquelyn Millman and Anna Marie Blas Arceo, its authors, and published by Jae Publications of Mangilao, Guam.

Chamorro Lesson 1 is the first of weekly language segment to familiarize students with sounds of language being spoken so accent and pronunciation become recognizable. No special equipment is needed to listen to these .mp3 files. A Table of Contents (TOC) may be downloaded with the link below:

Cham 101 TOC.pdf
This is lesson 2.
Lesson 2 of the Chamorro Language: Dialogue for learning. Have fun.

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Chamorroyalty said...

Holy CRAP! Why are you trying to learn Chamorro from Guamanians when you live on Saipan? I'm sorry, dude, the accents on the audio are horrible. Nice effort, but disappointing.