Monday, September 01, 2008

Carnival of the Blue XVI

Carnival of the BlueIt is my pleasure to host Carnival of the Blue in the month of September. This is my second time hosting; I was the proud sponsor of Carnival of the Blue IV in September 2007.

Since you are reading this, I'm assuming that you are a lover of all things blue. So, how many of you have heard of George W. Bush's proposal to protect huge swaths of ocean in the Pacific, including some of the waters sitting atop the Mariana Trench?

What a coincidence President Bush issued the Executive Memo to assess three potential monuments in the same month that I'm hosting Carnival of the Blue. Worked out pretty well, didn't it? I've written about this subject on a weekly basis for almost a year. Click this link to read all the posts.

So anyway, the process to designate what could be the world's second largest protected area is just beginning. I hope you come back often to view our progress.

Alright, on to the carnival!

The first blogger to turn in a link for this month's carnival was local Saipan attorney Wes Bogdan. He writes about making the proposed Mariana Trench Marine National Monument into the largest protected area in the planet. I'm not posting his blog first because he talks about my work, I'm posting it because he was the first one to send in a link. Let this be a lesson to all you blue bloggers! Get your link in early and show up near the top of the carnival!

Well, while I'm on the subject, I might as well continue with the monument. Mike Tripp, a local Saipan divemaster and producer of the Underwater World of Saipan, wrote Southern Cal Road Trip and the Marianas Trench Monument.

With that out of the way, onto to the rest. I have a whole menu of ocean blogging for you (and feel free to comment on the prices, I live on an island where fresh caught yellowfin and skipjack tuna is $1.50 per pound).
Carnival of the Blue XVI Menu



Jason Robertshaw offers up some thoughts on Imitation Cephallic Extremities for Your Home. You can also take the Giant Squid Challenge on his post on Squidology: Biggest, Bigger, Big.

Imitation Scallops

Andrew Bleiman at Zooillogix brings us news that the Georgia Aquarium will be the first to house a manta ray in North America.

Also try our deep fried African variety. Peter Etnoyer at Deep Sea News reports on a new species of manta rays in Mozambique.

Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup comes in two varieties at Carnival of the Blue XVI. Zooillogix has shark fin soup caught using the indigenous fishing method of Goblin Shark Wrassling.

Then only found here, Megaladon shark fin soup (fresh from the Mariana Trench!). The post wonders if Megaladon had the strongest bite in history? Hmmmm.....probably second. First goes to me biting into that first burger during a Sunday BBQ.

Whale Sashimi
market price

RIP Colette, the baby humpback, freshly euthanized off the coast of Australia last week. Courtesy of Brian Switek.

Lunch Menu

Shit Sanchwich

A discussion on shit. Doesn't have anything to do with oceans, but it talks about sustainable food and fits into the theme of Carnival of the Blue XVI.

Main Course

Battered Fish Sticks

Battered Fish in Holy Battered Fish Sticks, Batman, we've got Big News!!!

RAP Turtle Soup

Battle in Seattle premieres in September around the country and gives us an opportunity to Rise Above Plastic: RAP for Sea Turtles. Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) plays the sea turtle activist, Django, in the film.

Tree Spiked Fillet of Sole

Did Greenpeace go too far with their eco-sabotage of North Sea fishing? The conversation continues over on Deep Sea News.

Manatee Steak

Musings on the Manatees of Crystal River. Hey, those are my old stomping grounds! I even dated a girl from Manatee County for three years!

Wild Salmon in Black Bear Sauce

Blue Ocean Institute President Carl Safina’s hopeful blog describes magnificent abundance in Southeast Alaska.

Seagull Andouille

Audouin’s Gulls breed in scattered colonies throughout the Mediterranean and thanks to intensive protection measures numbers have now climbed back towards 20,000. Check them out at 10,000 Birds.



Did you enjoy your calamari appetizer? How about some dessert? How about Benny Bleiman at Zooillogix' post Killer Colossal Squid Was Just a Blob of Jello.

Deep Fried Asteroidea

Ever wonder why you never see anything growing on top of that bright blue sea star? Mark can tell you why on his Marine Life Series: Exploring the Surface of an Asteroid.

Does no fishing equal more coral? According to Ed, Fishing bans protect coral reefs from devastating predatory starfish.

Birthday Surprise

Drew Weber takes you out on a birding trip in Belmar, NJ.


Oil on the Rocks

If oil floats on water and ice floats on water, what happens when you mix oil and ice? Alright, that has nothing to do with this post on near-shore oil drilling.
And that's your Carnival of the Blue XVI! Check us out next month where we will be hosted by Cephalopodcast.


Kevin Zelnio said...

Great work, loved reading the menu! I'll frequent this establishment more often :)

Your birthday surprise has some miscellaneous code in the link. Clean it up bro!

Eric Heupel said...

Delicious reading!!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Did you really hang out at Crystal River? I have spent some time there myself. The manatees especially love the warm water outflow from the power plant there. Same thing in Tampa at the Apollo Beach power plant. They gather in large numbers in both places.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Apollo Beach a nude beach for gay men? How much experience do you have there?

Timothy Moriarty said...

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