Monday, October 13, 2008

Concerned Citizens Against the Monument

I'd like to comment on the organization Concerned Citizens Against the Monument.

On October 1, Jack Villagomez wrote an email to ACT President Betty Miller. He writes:
Hi Ms. Miller,

Our group, Concerned Citizens Against the Monument, will like to make a presentation at your school this month. When is the best time and date for such presentation?
I got your email from PSS but they did not indicate which school you are with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jack Villagomez
On Tuesday October 7 at 9:28 AM Betty Miller wrote back:
Dear Mr. Villagomez,

To date three teachers have expressed an interest in having your group make presenations at their school. I previously forwarded your contact information to Jaime Vergara at San Vicente Elementary and Bryan Jones at MHS. Please feel free to contact them regarding a presentation, if they have not already contacted you. Alan Davis from Kagman High School has also expressed an interest. All three of these teachers have already allowed PEW (sic) to present in their classrooms, and are willing to hear about the issue from another perspective.

I wish you the best of luck with your presentations, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Betty Miller

ACT President
13 minutes later at 9:41 AM Jack replied :
Thank you Ms. Miller. I am forwarding your note to Dr. John Joyner who is coordinating our group. I have to go to Guam for my wife's medical services. [emphasis mine]

Jack Villagomez
So let's get this straight. Concerned Citizens Against the Monument is being coordinated by the Director of the Coastal Resource Management Office?  Isn't he a government official?  WTF, mate?


scubatripp said...

It's also quite amazing how the DFW website can have such a one sided look at the concept. As a government agency funded with tax payers dollars they should at the very least remain somewhat neutral and provide links to both side of the story.

I think their inability to acknowledge both sides just spells corruption and a best effort to cling to the status quo even if some of their concerns are valid.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

"I think their inability to acknowledge both sides just spells corruption and a best effort to cling to the status quo even if some of their concerns are valid."


Wear Orange.

Saipan Writer said...

I'm not sure of the law on this.

But I do think that people who work in and for the government may voice their political opinions and be coordinators of organizations that espouse opinions on issues.

So the fact that a government official is also active in a community group alone doesn't bother me.

The website is a different matter. It's a government publication, and as such should be aimed at the purpose of the office's function (which is conservation and protection, not unfettered use and abuse of our precious resources). At the very least, it should maintain a balanced approach.

I'm also not sure who can request an audit by the CNMI Auditor's office, but that would be a good thing if there's a suspicion of violation of laws and misuse of public funds.

KAP said...

Sounds greedy and disrespectful

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Ham and eggs.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

WTF? is right.. I was shocked that this randy two-bit hot-dog salesman got appointed to such an important position right from the beginning. This is the kind of sh#t that makes this easily the worst administration. They couldn't stick with making the silly appointments to offices that didn't really matter.. like Indigenous Affairs. Oh no.. they have stepped well over that line by having appointed wholly unqualified, unknowledgeable and truly dangerous candidates to offices and programs whose work has serious ramifications on the long term health of our environment.

One year. These dumb@sses will never feel the warmth and comfort of a government office reclining chair again.