Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vote for Scott Randolph

My former roommate, Scott Randolph, is running for reelection in Florida House District 36. He was recently endorsed by the Orlando Sentinel on October 9, a newspaper that usually endorses Republicans (although they endorsed Kerry in 2004):
As a legislator, Scott Randolph remains a work in progress. The Democrat is much improved over his rookie season, when we labeled him as "class clown" for some bizarre proposals like awarding a sales-tax rebate on ticket sales only to teams with winning records.

Two years later, he's become a strong champion for education. He also advocates a much more open process in setting a state budget, and he supports commuter rail.

He also showed concerns for consumers by filing a bill to stop predatory-lending practices.

Stephen Villard, Mr. Randolph's Republican opponent, ran unsuccessfully for Orlando mayor years ago. He was a no-show at several candidate forums in 2000, and declined an interview with the Sentinel's Editorial Board for this election. Of the two, he's the one behaving like a class clown.

The Sentinel endorses Scott Randolph in District 36.
Biba Scott! Bota Scott!

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Winter Park Fords said...

The Orlando Sentinel has endorsed Obama.