Monday, November 10, 2008

Papahanaumokuakea Jobs

One of the letter writers who sent commentary to President Bush on the proposed Mariana Trench Marine National Monument (MTMNM) asked the following question:
Our people (John Gourley) have been trying to get a list of jobs under the NW Hawaiian Island Marine Monument under the Freedom of Information (sic); but were unsuccessful. What types of jobs will be available to our local people if these areas are designated? How many jobs will be available?
The Freedom of Information Act request was unnecessary. A quick Internet search found that the job titles for Papahanaumokuakea are:
  1. Education & Technology Coordinator
  2. Research Support Technician
  3. Monument Superintendent
  4. Administrative/Fiscal Assistant
  5. Detail from DC
  6. Research Support Specialist
  7. Program Coordinator
  8. Policy Specialist
  9. Executive Administrative Assistant
  10. Field Operations Specialist
  11. IT Support Specialist
  12. Policy Specialist
  13. GIS Specialist
  14. Constituent Outreach & Development Assoc.
  15. Maritime Archeologist
  16. Policy Program Manager
  17. Policy Analyst
  18. Fiscal Administrator
  19. Navigating Change Curriculum Programs Coord
  20. Administrative Officer
  21. Constituent Relations Associate
  22. Research Coordinator
  23. Resource Protection Specialist
  24. Marine Operations Coordinator
  25. Program Associate
  26. Mokupapapa Discovery Center Manager
  27. Mokupapapa Disc Center Education Specialist
  28. Mokupapapa Disc Center Admin/Fiscal Assistant
  29. Mokupapapa Discovery Center Programs Coord.
  30. State of Hawaii Monument Research Coordinator
  31. State of Hawaii Monument Permit Coordinator
  32. State of Hawaii Monument Policy Coordinator
  33. State of Hawaii Monument Permit Coordinator
  34. DIG Senior Data Analyst
  35. DIG GIS Developer
  36. DIG Senior Programmer/Program Manager
  37. DIG Data Base Administrator & Programmer
  38. DIG Junior Data Analyst
I count about 38 positions.  Additionally, and I may be wrong, this list does not include the federally funded state and private sector jobs that get funding as a result of the monument (for example NOAA funds some state positions like they do here in the CNMI and has two separate memoranda of agreement between themselves and Maui Community College and the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology).

The Economic Impact of a proposed Mariana Trench Marine National Monument authored by University of Guam economics professor Dr. Tom Iverson predicted that the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument would have 14 employees in their first year. While Dr. Iverson cannot speak for the federal government, his predication that the funding for the MTMNM will be approximately 25% of Papahanaumokuakea is not unreasonable.

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