Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Biggest News Story of 2008

Alright, time for a poll. What do you think was the biggest news story in the CNMI in 2008?

The options in no particular order:
Kilili elected delegate

Greg Camacho "Kilili" Sablan became the Northern Mariana Islands' first Delegate when he won a plurality of votes in the historic US election on November 4. Most people I have talked to seem confident in his ability to do a good job.

Marine Monument

The issue has been all over the newspapers. Supporters were accused of being on the payroll of an oil company, non-supporters were accused of buying anti-monument signatures with hot dogs, and worst of all, John Gourley and Ken Kramer stopped playing bridge together on Saturday afternoons.

Oreo goes missing

For two harrowing days in October Oreo roamed the streets of Garapan in search of someone to scratch his belly. He was eventually found and about two months later packs of small fluffy white boonie dogs were seen roaming the streets in search of tennis balls.

Kazuyoshi Miura murder trial

The only people that care about this murder trial are Japanese.


The Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008 became Public Law 110-229 on May 8. We done got federalized that day.

Never ending power crisis

I moved back to Saipan just under three years ago. We've had a power outage almost every other day since then. Over this past summer we had about 12 hours of black outs per day. In the fall the local government leased some temporary generators and now we are back to a few hours of blackouts every other day or so.

Lt. Governor indicted

The Lt. Governor was indicted on four federal felonies. I think he plead not guilty. This might actually be the big story next year.
Please take the time to consider your options carefully and vote.

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Lil' Hammerhead said...

1. Federalization
2. Monument
3. Lt. Governor
4. Power crisis
5. Kilili