Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki in Saipan

There is a boy band staying at Pacific Islands Club this week:
TVXQ (often stylized TVXQ! or TVfXQ), an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi (東方神起), is a quintet South Korean boy band formed under SM Entertainment in 2003. In South Korea they are known as Dong Bang Shin Ki or Dong Bang Shin Gi (동방신기). They were later introduced in Japan as Tōhōshinki (東方神起?) under Avex sub label, Rhythm Zone in 2005. Their name roughly translates as "Rising Gods of the East". TVXQ, the acronym based on the Chinese counterpart of their name, is the abbreviation officially used on all products and advertisements outside of Japan.

Since their debut, TVXQ has become one of the most popular singing groups in East Asia, gaining great popularity in such countries as China, Singapore, Thailand, and other East Asian regions.
After all the trouble we went through to get the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument in over 1000 newspapers and other news outlets, who knew that all we had to do was bring some crappy boy band to Saipan for tons of free press?


cassiopeia026 said...

some crappy boyband?
you seriously DO NOT KNOW the consequences of saying that.
do you know THAT 'crappy boyband' has the largest fanclub in world?!
if you don't want hundreds of thousands of fans sending hate mails/comments to your blog,please refrain from insulting them.

p/s TVXQ is a band that is talented in every way. Please do not insult them before knowing them personally.

jessie said...

Well, a fellow Cassie beat me to this already.

I am offended by your post and I'm sure over 800,000 people will be as well. TVXQ isn't just some crappy boyband. Like cassiopeia026 mentioned, they are on the Guinness World Records for the largest fanclub in the world -- that's 800,000 fans ONLY IN SOUTH KOREA. That's not counting the fans in Japan, China Singapore, Thailand, and all those other places mentioned in your post. If TVXQ is a crappy boyband, then every other boyband in the world must be a lot crappier.

I would say Merry Christmas, but you don't deserve to have one. Maybe you should spend your Christmas listening to them before judging them. They have amazing vocals and dancing skills, which I'm sure are better than yours.

The Saipan Blogger said...

They sing a song called 'Balloons?"

Crappy does not even begin to define them.