Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silver Elite

Watch out world, I just got upgraded to Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Silver Elite status.

What does that mean? Practically nothing!

Actually, I have a question for my readers out there. Please help me answer this in the comments section.

Continental, Northwest, and Delta all have separate frequent flyer programs, but they are partner airlines, meaning that I can use my frequent flyer card from one airline on the other. I have a Northwest WorldPerks card and a Continental Airlines OnePass card. I've always used the WorldPerks card when I fly Northwest and the OnePass card when I fly Continental.

Additionally, I earn OnePass miles every time I buy gas from Mobil. When I had SaipanCell, which is now DoCoMo, I would get miles for every dollar I spent. And although I do not have one, if I had a credit card from First Hawaiian Bank, I could get a WorldPerks mile for every dollar I spent.

So is it better to have both cards, or should I try to put all my miles on one card? Or is it possible to use both cards whenever I fly or can you only use one? What do you do? How do you manage your airline miles?

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paul said...

When you book with a NW partner airline, you have the option to use NW as your flier number.

It takes a little longer to post tuo your account though.

Keep in mind, that a one way upgrade on NW to the Mainland is only 15k miles. One way to Asia is 5k.

Here is a good link

I don't know the cool kid way, so just paste it in.

Hope this helps.


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