Monday, February 23, 2009

Fat Guy Update IV

"It's just water weight, fat boy" is the typical response I get when I mention I've burned a few lbs. since signing up for the Golds Gym Body Success Challenge. I've lost just under six lbs. in two weeks and I'd probably have lost a few more if my diet wasn't so terrible.

I had McDonald's twice this weekend. I have a weak spot for Buffalo wings and I get my fix with the chicken strips and Buffalo dipping sauce. Then a certain friend, who shall remain anonymous (no, not Lil' Hammerhead), made me go to McDonald's for chicken nuggets. She rammed them down my throat as I screamed, "No, stop, don't!"

Oh wait, no. That's not how it happened. I rammed them down my own throat as she screamed, "Hey, leave one for me!"

I'm still trying to run 60 minutes per day. I didn't get a run in on Saturday, but I did referee women's soccer games for 90 minutes, so I don't feel too guilty. On Sunday I only got in 30 minutes before my right leg started cramping. Today it started cramping at 50. I'll probably have to slow down the runs so that I reach that 60 minute mark the rest of the week. Every day before this weekend though, I got in the full 60 minutes.

I also did some weights today. Amazing how weak you get when you don't go to the gym for two years. More on that later.

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Anonymous said...

Try running every other day instead. You could always lift weights, swim, row, or paddle on other days.