Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stanley Torres and the Friends of the Monument

Last night I was having a meeting with Ike over a few beers at Godfathers. We were discussing tomorrow's meeting with the Friends of the Monument and some plans for raising funds for our organization.

At one point the topic turned to Stanley Torres, with Ike telling me that he saw Stanley recently and that Stanley had congratulated Ike on the monument. Ike told Stanley that we were all on the same side now (or something like that, Budweiser has a promotion where you can get a bucket of beer for $15 and I....I'll just stop there).

Ike asked me if I ever gave Stanley one of our campaign t-shirts. I answered, "Yeah, I ran into him outside of Quick Print the other day and gave him one." I didn't tell him it was right after the Randy Taylor vs Stanley Torres throwdown in the parking lot, which I missed by about two minutes...

And we're back.

"Have you seen him wearing it?" asked Ike.


I kid you not, two minutes later, guess who walks through the door and guess what shirt he was wearing?

Stanley Torres and Ike CabreraI think the three of us make for quite the trio of characters. Perhaps we should start a boy band?

Stanley Torres Ike Cabrera and Angelo Villagomez******

For those of you with short term memory loss, Stanley spent the better part of 2008 wearing a button that read, "I am a proud Force of Evil." Now he's our friend. Such is life on Saipan.

I don't always disagree with Stanley. Back in 2006 when the Fitial Administration wanted to put a monorail in the Grotto, Stanley and I were on the side of the opposition.

Saipan is a small place filled with a lot of big personalities. Down the line I'm sure there will be more times when Stanley et al and I will be on the same side and/or on opposite sides of an issue. Like I said, such is life on Saipan.


Anonymous said...

Now if you want to realy make a statement, run for Stanley's seat in this election

Anonymous said...

Name the band "Stanley and the Steamers" cause all three of you are full of very hot air!