Thursday, April 16, 2009

Island Wide on Facebook

I'm waiting for people to start sending in their photos from the Island Wide Cleanup. I so wish I was there. No photos have come in yet, but I've been watching people updating their Facebook profiles:

Thanks for participating, guys!

As luck would have it, as I was uploading the screenshots of the Facebook profiles, I received the first photos of the cleanup.

That's Alexander Kramer, son of Beautify CNMI co-founder Ken Kramer, with the trash he collected at their cleanup spot in Gualo Rai. Thanks, Alexander and Ken!

Wow. Then while I was uploading that picture of Alexander, I recieved this photo of the Laolao Bay Golf Resort team after their cleanup! Great work, Everybody!

I'm about to head to a reception for the EPA Awards right now. I'll post more photos, stories, and updates from the cleanup later this evening.

As the photos role in I'm posting them on the Beautify CNMI blog. Check them out!

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