Thursday, April 23, 2009

NBC: Working to Preserve a World Under Water

This is it! It is finally up!

I love how Brian Williams starts the story off by calling us, "one of the most spectacular, but unseen places on Earth."

I also like how Ian Williams (no relation) signs off with, there is "so much more to these waters than the decaying remnants of war."

Be sure to check out the "Voices from Saipan" video from NBC, too


bigsoxfan said...

Holy Carp, if the powers that be don't capatlize on this piece, then ...well I don't know what to say.. They probably should be sent to Guam or the mainland to live with other people of no vision and the willingness to live among expanses of tar, high-rises, and strip malls. Great interview, Angelo. Your line about the understanding the moon while not understanding the depths really hit home with me. Seems like we are looking for a grand solution in space, and at the same time, we may not be able to perserve our living area on Earth long enough to realize our potentional in the universe. Ever need a recomendation with spelling skills, contact me, I'll refer you to my more connected family members. Awesome piece and I'm not usually a fan of MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

You should be quite proud!

dekada lawyer said...

Superb job, Angelo! I've added this video to the location page on my website.