Saturday, May 09, 2009

Star Trek OMG Rocks

In every way Wolverine sucked, Star Trek rocked! OMG. I loved it!

The story was great. The effects were great. It's got Leonard Nimoy. No William Shatner. The new Spock was awesome. The new Scotty was hilarious. Best of all? Sulu's a frickin' ninja!

Ninjas, Romulans, and spaceships, oh my! Can there be a better movie?

The story opens up Star Trek to another 10 movies, too. And you thought the series was dead when Kirk got knocked off back in Star Trek Generations? No way!

So anyway, the movie's got emotional impact, too. It made Edz cry. No kidding! In the flashback(forward?) scene with Spock where those unnamed-so-as-not-to-ruin-its all die, she had tears in her eyes. For reals!

So anyway.

To recap the Greatest Summer Movie Season Ever thus far:

Wolverine: Sucks

Star Trek: OMG Rocks!


Galvin Deleon Guerrero said...

Hell ya, Star Trek rocks, for Trekkies and noobs alike.

Hasselback said...

Angelo, my friend, we geeks must sometimes remember to play it straight around the "Normies." I would suggest that you not use the terms "OMG" and "Star Trek" in the same sentence.

Based upon your review, I will certainly be seeing this.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Was it the inclusion of a ninja that ultimately made you change your mind?