Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CNMI Waters Opened to Foreign Fishing

The Saipan Tribune carries a story today that unearths the fact that NOAA has approved opening the Exclusive Economic Zone around the Northern Mariana Islands to foreign fishing.
The plan also identifies 22 programs or projects associated with the plan objectives for potential funding under a Pacific Insular Area Fishery Agreement.

These include an exclusive economic zone enforcement program; commercial harvest monitoring system; fisheries technology and education program; development of fish marketing plan; CNMI commercial fisheries baseline assessment; and regional fisheries meeting and conferences funding assistance.

Also on the list are vessel monitoring program; construction of cold storage, fish processing, and fish market facilities; foreign fishery observer program; establishment of fishery management units for the EEZ; Northern Islands remote fishing station project; charter fishing economic impact study; and foreign fishing revenue for the Puerto Rico dump cleanup [emphasis mine].
It is very coy to try to say that they have approved "foreign fishing revenue for the Puerto Rico dump cleanup," when what they have really done is to simply approve foreign fishing. You don't really think any of that money is going to be used to pay to cleanup the dump do you?

Sheds some light on some of the Wespac representatives' (and the governor's) opposition to the monument last year. They were trying to sell our waters off to the Chinese while we were trying to protect them for indigenous use.


fishy monument said...

No, you were trying to sell those waters (cheap) to the US instead of working to keep the EEZ in local hands for indigenous use.

The Saipan Blogger said...

If you think that it is because you were listening to the guys that successfully just sold your waters off to foreign countries.

Read the Friends of the Monument's vision statement or just about everything else they put out.

The area around those three islands is now protected for indigenous use. The waters outside of the islands unit of the monument are now for sale.