Friday, June 26, 2009

Heinz or Babauta

Tomorrow is the big day for the Northern Mariana Islands Republican Party. Their Gubernatorial Primary will be held from 7 AM until polls close at 6 PM. The primary is open, so anyone, regardless of political affiliation, can vote. The polling places are as follows:

Precinct 1 — San Antonio Elementary School, Koblerville Elementary School and San Vicente Elementary School

Precinct 2 — Municipal Council Office

Precinct 3 — Oleai Elementary School and Garapan Elementary School.

Precinct 4 — Tanapag Youth Center, Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School and the legislative building

Precinct 5 — Kagman Community Center.


Tinian Elementary School


Northern Marianas College cafeteria

Northern Islands, Rota and Tinian voters who are on Saipan can cast their ballots at the multi-purpose center in Susupe
Babauta's website can be found HERE. Heinz' website can be found HERE. The CNMI GOP has more election information HERE.

So who am I voting for?

Well Heinz had the best chicken kelaguen at his parties and that is worthy of my vote. Plus, Babauta's website always plays a song when you log on, which I find kind of annoying. Although, Arnold once told me he'd never seen Star Wars and Galvin did buy me that beer that time...

Just kidding. That's not why I would vote for someone.

It will be interesting to see who wins tomorrow. I had a few beers with some Democrats last night and we were discussing the likely outcome. We couldn't agree on a winner. Some thought Babauta had it locked up and listed all his family connections. To which someone countered with Arnold Palacios' family connections.

So how will I choose who to vote for?

Well, when it came to supporting the monument, both Babauta and Heinz were supportive. Babauta wrote letters to President Bush and Heinz was one of only three elected officials who voted against the Joint Resolutions from the Legislature. Arnold was an opponent, but was the most gracious of all the elected officials immediately after the declaration. I heard a recording of him on the Harry Blalock show afterwards and he sounded reasonable and intelligent. He's forgiven. As for Galvin, he was never asked to get involved, so I don't know how he felt about the issue (although I assume he was supportive).

I have personally been lobbied heavily by one of my cousins to vote for Heinz. On the other hand I've received several personal phone calls and invitations from Galvin. The conversations I've had with both individuals will weigh heavily in my decision.

So who am I voting for? I'm not telling. I think that both teams deserve my support for their support of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. I will likely support the winner of the Republican Party Primary in November's general election.

Don't worry, I'm not turning to the Dark Side in my old age. I still have a donkey tattoo, after all.

I wish the two candidates had had several debates leading up to the primary. During last year's campaign the debates really separated the serious candidates from the fools trying to get a job with a $165,000 annual salary (cough, Felipe Atalig, cough).

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Galvin Deleon Guerrero said...

Today, I think I'll vote for a Republican.

Thanks for the periodic political posts Angelo.

It's showtime!