Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I need more room!

It finally happened.

With nearly 20,000 emails in my inbox and several thousand photos uploaded to my blog, I finally ran out of storage space. I put this day off as long as I could by deleting emails with large attachments (sorry, Bryan) and by using other accounts to upload pictures (RC&D and Friends of the Monument).

Well, I finally got an email from Gmail telling me that I was completely out of storage space and that it was time to either buy some storage or stop receiving email.

I went with buy some storage.

For $20 per year I am now the proud owner of 10 GB of memory.

1 comment:

mona said...

20K, really? I have about 8K in my work inbox and I've only been here for about two years. Have you ever watched Merlin Mann's Zero Inbox theory?