Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nice Trees, Better Socks

saipan flame treeIn 2006 Beautify CNMI planted 22 Flame Trees. In 2007 we planted several hundred, including about 30 trees in Dandan near the airport. Several of the trees died, but there are a row of them on the big turn between the village of Dandan and the CPA Airport Field that have grown tremendously in the last two years.

flame tree dandanI don't drive by this road very often and the last time I did I think the trees were about 1/3 the size they are today. A lot of effort went into planting these trees, from the planning stages of finding a grower, to raising funds to pay for their planting, to finding the volunteer labor to plant them. It makes me proud to know that I was a part of putting these beautiful trees here and I'm happy that our work from years ago continues to pay dividends.

And please excuse my appearance in these pictures; I had just come from a soccer game and was still wearing my socks and cleats.

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Rick Jones said...

Those trees have grown like weeds, I drive by there quite a bit and remember what they looked like when you first planted them. Nice job, pal.