Monday, June 08, 2009

Uncle Karl supports Juan Galvin

The Juan Babauta/Galvin Guerrero campaign is running a new commercial on TV starring Friend of the Monument's Karl Reyes.

Karl is becoming a regular Youtube star. Some of you will remember him reading the letter he wrote to Senate President Pete Reyes on the John Gonzales TV show. If you don't remember, here is the video:

Are any of the other candidates running ads on TV? I don't have a TV so I don't watch the news. I just know what is on Youtube.


Anonymous said...

Except for his statement in the commercial for Juan/Galvin is false. Babauta's administration was behind in paying the retirement.

By law, the payments were supposed to be in increments during Governor Teno's time, but never made their way to the retirement and the delinquency continued into Babauta's administration until he left. Governor Fitial came into office with an enormous amount already owed to retirement for failure to pay (and that amount was accumulated during Babauta's administration). So the claim is not true and is quite misleading.. The ad should be pulled from airing.

Anonymous said...

Teno/Peppero was the administration who started the retirementfund mess.

Anonymous said...

...and you are expecting what? Truth in advertising on Saipan? If enforced every Joeten ad ever placed would be out of compliance. They are not alone either, far from it in fact.

As for political ads, as long as the middle name is correct, I think everything else is fair game.