Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bruno: Most Offensive Movie Ever Made

I have never been in a movie theater where dozens of people walked out. That changed today.

Literally half of the audience watching the 7:30 showing of Bruno at Hollywood Theaters on Saipan walked out of the theater. Two scenes in particular saw a large number of walk outs.

The first scene that was too offensive too watch came when Bruno decided that the best way to become famous was to have his own celebrity interview television program. One word: Penis.

The entire front row walked out during the finale.

A few minutes later Bruno tries to channel the dead member of the musical duo Milli Vanilla and proceeds to "kiss" him. That's when half the theater walked out.

Oh well.

They missed out on the most offensive, and one of the funniest movies ever made.

And when I mean offensive, I mean that the Catholic Church should be leading a boycott. In fact, any God-fearing individual needs to say about 7,000 rosaries to make up for watching this movie.

But it's worth it.

On a more serious note, I found the movie to be a sobering criticism of how much America hates gays.


Jeff said...

Haven't seen it yet, but am eager to. The site of a penis or a kiss is that offensive, really? I'm glad Sacha is pushing buttons.

Anonymous said...

Saw a bio on Cohen - didn't know that he spent several months in Atlanta doing his master's thesis on the political joining of "jews and blacks" in the 60's civil rights movement. After finishing he had to choose between a PhD (and academia) or comedy, his personal legend.
Folks will walk out on "Bruno" but turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the legislature and the governor - sad statement.

Rick said...

It's the "herd mentality" again.... probably another reason why I usually go to the movies either alone or with one friend who has a similar sense of humor.

I guarantee if I had been in Hollywood Theater that evening the rest of the audience would not have been able to hear the dialogue over my laughter.

My brother just got back from seeing "Bruno" and said half the theater (in rural Illinois) walked out too.

Anonymous said...

I was one who walked out. except I didn't make it to the penis scene. No I made it out in less than 2 minutes. Funny....NO. how sad that anyone could find this funny

Anonymous said...

sight of a kiss or a - please that is not what most of us are finding offensive. how shallow that the defenders of this move are sinking to such drivel. as if anyone who doesn't revel in this drek is homophobic! rather the shoving of a fire extinguisher up someones rectum is what offended me. Don't walk out, RUN OUT!

Theodore Cole said...
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Theodore Cole said...

The offensive part of the movie, all of Cohen's films, is that people who are "interviewed" do the interview in good faith and then are played the fool.

If, by some chance, I ever was interviewed by him, and slandered because of it, I would sue. In the scene with Ron Paul, Cohen attempts to have sex with him and Rep. Paul was more than polite. If it were me, I would be in prison writing this. We assume that the scenes are scripted to be offensive but in reality, Cohen REALY DID come on to Rep. Paul and he really did get turned down- no acting involved.

I know it's not illegal to proposition sex, nor do I believe that they would have gone through with it if Paul would have accepted, but the fact that this sick man takes joy out of pushing peoples' buttons and then makes money off of people's embarrassment is simply offensive.

I endured the nudity and the overtly anti-teutonic rhetoric, homophobia, classist behavior, light hearted Hitler jokes, sexist behavior, and even the simulated blow job, rim job, and real champagne bottle up the ass bit but I walked out when I realized that these people were real, the emotions and reactions were real, and the emotional manipulation was real.

This man is a well paid emotional rapist.