Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Free Entertainment at the Courthouse

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) at 2:30 PM the Charles Reyes Jr vs Janet King courtroom drama will continue. I wasn't there, but over beers at Remingtons I learned that Janet was called to testify today. Tomorrow afternoon, Charles Reyes Jr's attorney, Charles Reyes Jr, will have the opportunity to cross-examine Ms. King.

Should provide some quality entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I just met this lady Janet King because of this whole thing, and she seems really nice. I thought, too nice because she can just dismiss this complaint. She knows what to do-- clearly! she's a lawyer!

In a New Jersey case a guy sued his ex-girlfriend for reimbursement of $80,000 he allegedly loaned her during their relationship. She sued back for jewelry. The court dismissed the guy's complaint. Not satisfied. The court affirmed the dismissal and awarded her damages on her counterclaim.... Colombino v. Vaccaro (google it)

But I see that Charles Jr.'s also saying he bought these items which influenced Janet King because she was investigating a bar complaint he filed.

News flash. You're bribing her and it didn't work. Charles didn't know that Janet filed the report on that complaint before he bought any of the things he's suing her for!!

No wonder Janet doesn't simply want a dismissal. She is nice, but mean, too. Really mean.

She got Charles Jr. to admit he was interested in her from the moment she came on the scene to interview him about the complaint, and that he didn't know the report was done and over.

The second day of this trial should be interesting!

Jeff said...

The small claims case is nothing to report, but the story behind the story (trying to buy off Janet King) is more nefarious than a story about a "jilted suitor"!

Anonymous said...

From the timeline of this whole thing (months) it looks to me that either Charles Reyes jr. set his sights on Janet King as soon as he met her to be nice to her so she'd him rule in his favor officially and then when it didn't work out, he removed her from the investigation.

I think in the middle of getting to know her for his "nefarious" (good word) purposes he genuinely fell for that girl.

The dumbest thing he did was file this case, because now he's incriminating himself.

Not only is he stupid he is dumb.

Anonymous said...

He's also ugly.

Anonymous said...

This bribery case comes to light because of the small claims case Reyes filed.

Reyes is seeking money for items he purchased for King. There were gifts, he said, but those he acknowledged he cannot recover, though he would like to also. This includes money /cash donated to King called chunchule.

He testified because King asked him to buy certain items, which were mostly specific items which were not available to her on Tinian, he should get back his money. King testified that out of convenience, she relied on him, like groceries, and always offered to pay Reyes back. So the legal question is, is he entitled to recover under the law?

But Reyes testified that he bought her these things because he felt compelled to do so. This is where it got interesting. (drumroll)

Compelled by ---what? If Reyes had stuck to his story that he was compelled by her personality, looks, and the chance that he could win her heart, then it would have ended there. The small claims would have stayed a boring small claims, and the outcome would be, which is predictable to anyone with even half a brain, judgment for King. Clearly.

But now creeps in a criminal element--bribing an official assuming King as a bar investigarot is one. Reyes repeatedly testified that that he was compelled to buy things for King by another fact (notwithstanding her beauty and charm)... that he knew at that time that King was investigating his complaint.

Reyes admitted a "falling out" between him and King in January. King described it as Reyes being angry that King said was going to charge him for legal services if he hired her as his attorney. She testified that he gave her so many things, and she should give him back something. So we can infer that what he's saying is he is regretting spending money when it was not going to go anywhere.

Without the bar complaint issue this "get something back" would have clearly been laughed off as expecting "boom boom"...

But it's not so.

Nefarious is another good word for this case, too. It means evil in a slinky way. why? Because Charles expected out of King-- and believed her to deliver it-- a favorable investigation. It's not that Reyes did not realize King wasn't going to sleep with him. That's not as important to Reyes as his other goal: the investigation. Reyes realized right away that King wasn't friendly toward him back when she said she'd charge him for being his attorney. By that, Reyes realized King--who he spent so much time and effort on, but more importantly, money-- was just not acting friendly toward him.

The attorney general's office should wake up to the fact that the Governor's PIO is very close to being charged with bribing an official.

With more facts added, it is probably that Reyes intended to get an official act from King: preferential treatment in the investigation.

Anonymous said...

No surprises here as this is not the first time Chucky was stupid..... How can this creepy clown face the cameras and talk the way he does is beyond my comprehension.
There are so many creeps associated with this administration.
God, I just can't wait for Nov 6.

Anonymous said...

Why would she accept groceries and jewerly from him?
Gossip says she is on a $80,000 yearly salary with the Tinian Mayor's office.

Anonymous said...

Janet King said she asked Charles to get the groceries for her on Saipan while she was on Tinian. When she asked him for the receipt he didn't give it to her and said it was his gift.

This is not a surprise for people from Tinian to cargo over things like boxes of groceries from Saipan. It's simply about convenience and the price of food on Tinian.

He's an indian-giver.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Janet King is in private practice and is probably raking in more than a government contract if she is practicing in Guam, Saipan, Hawaii.

I think Charles Reyes is in for big trouble.

I know Janet and she's going to grind him up for this. Don't be fooled by her calm and smiley exterior. She's majorly pissed about this case.

Anonymous said...

If a lawyer's ethics is questioned publicly like the way Charles has with Janet's then I don't blame her for going after Charles with all her might.

You go after this bully, girl!

not her ex said...

don't be fooled by either of them. charles is foolish and dumb for getting sucked in, but janet is cunning.

don't let her good looks and charm fool you. everything she does is for a reason.

she's manipulating and calculating. add int he sexy qoutient and you've got a scary mix.

charles is a dumbass, but don't rush to defend janet simply based on the appearance of her grace.

she's a shark and preys on the weak. and the bald, i assume.

Anonymous said...

what a relief.

I thought Janet was too nice and friendly.

It's good to know she's got a mean streak to her.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, really?
Graceful, sexy, cunning attorney who preys on the weak. Nice on the outside, mean on the inside. Where can I get a hold of her before my opponent does??

Anonymous said...

Wait. I thought it was Charles who was preying on Janet during the time her father was dying?? That's a different kind of monster than a shark-lawyer woman who preys on the weak. Charles is a bully but I think he's finding out quick that he pushed around the wrong smiley girl.

Anonymous said...

Who those this guy think he is??? I can clearly tell he thinks the world spins around him. He thinks he can buy love " Charles you want Boom boom find someone who wants your money " theres many corners on saipan ass face and good hunting loser. Do all us good guys a favor and just leave saipan your a BIG embrasment shame on you stupid.

Anonymous said...

Charles is as pompous and arrogant as a man can be, especially for a man to have so little to be pompous and arrogant about. It is amazing that he can be so stupid to admit to an attempt to commit bribery and believe that he will just get away with it. The sad thing is that he probably will. The AG never prosecutes public corruption. We have to wait for the fed's, and unfortunately a little chinchule will not be enough to spark interest in the US Attorneys.

At least we can hope that Govendo will see that Charles comes seeking equity with unclean hands. As a result he gets nada. So sorry Charlie.

Anonymous said...

If you have ever seen Janet King compete in sports you will see she's a "take no prisoners" kind of gal. good for a lawyer, bad to be her opponent.

Anonymous said...

Wanted: cute and cunning attorney who smile as they kick people in the ass. Can somene give me Janet King's law office number? She's unlisted.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like watching a bull shark swim with a silky shark? :)

Anonymous said...

Charles is so sad and bitter. It's so apparent.

I was one of Janet's friends who told her to steer CLEAR of Charles but she didn't listen. She said she would judge for herself.

Now she's paying for the cost of her trusting a guy like Charles, who can't take no for an answer.

No matter what anyone says, I know this is hard on Janet, because the timeframe is around the loss of her father. And this case is touching over and over around that timeframe like scratching a wound that's barely healing.

Charles, bully her some more, and you will see how good you feel afterwards.

Anonymous said...

So... Janet said she turned in her final report.... Charles the idiot said he didn't know this... but so what, that she still sat on the bar committee while all the gifting and buying went on... (Like a whopping $1.61 corkscrew)

Charles was buying stuff for her anyway because he thought that Janet was still an investigator of his disciplinary committee complaint?

If that's what he's saying he's in serious trouble. It's called bribing.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the small claims!!

What I want to know is why Charles Reyes Jr. insists on shooting himself in the foot!!!!

Charles said he gave Janet King gifts and bought her stuff. He acknowledged they were given while she was investigating his complaint.

But unfortunately he didn't know Janet was done investigating.

Like an idiot, Charles points out that still he continues to buy her things or attempt to buy her things.

Sounds like bribing to affect the outcome of an investigation to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I'm really impressed about the plant gloves and the stupid $1.61 corkscrew. Charles is so cheap he can't even get bribing right.

Anonymous said...

Continuation Friday at 9 a.m.

Anonymous said...

My favorite item on the list is the corkscrew for $1.61. Like Charles' new nickname-- "can't-screw."

Anonymous said...

I've worked in the Saipan legal community for many years and this trial is the longest trial in the history of small claims.

Anonymous said...

It's janet's own bad judgment and fault for befriending and then ultimately defending Charles to her friends as a "good guy" and "friend." I remember she said people should give him a chance and now look at what a mess she is in. And Charles doesn't even know how many of his own friends warned Janet, me included, against a guy like Charles. She didn't grow up with him and doesn't have the benfit of that perspective. Her trusting nature is now sorely wounded I am sure. Lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like a stray dog that bites you after you rescue it.

Or worse because although they're all mutts just the same, even stray dogs wouldn't sue for a lousy corkscrew.

Anonymous said...

Awwh... give us a break! This post is pathetic as are Chucky and Janet..... and jeezzzz.... looking at the KSPN news report last night....Robby Torres looks like and talks like Perry Mason on mescaline. Are these three the products of mainland law schools that came home to help the CNMI?

Anonymous said...

Give us a break! Charlie is the one who wouldn't let this go and brought this to court. How much public funds are you wasting on your $500 claim Charlie?

And though Charlie fancies himself a lawyer or smarter than one, he is not. He's the Governor's PIO.

Anonymous said...

PIO.... Pompous, Idiotic, Opinionated?

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Charles lost.

How many bets for an appeal? This guy is that crazy.
I can't believe this is the Governors press secretary.

Anonymous said...

The judge handled it justly and fairly.. They both got nothing.. unless you count public humiliation. The message was clear.. "Get out of my courtroom!"

Anonymous said...

Judge summed it all up when he said, Charles, you can't buy love.

Anonymous said...

Janet King certainly has grounds to sue Charles Reyes Jr. for defamation of character and abuse of process. I'd be happy to fund that lawsuit for Janet.

Robert Torres did a great job and he treated this case not like the sensational event that the media made it but like he always does --with zealous advocacy for his client!

Anonymous said...

You can sue for abuse of process whether there was probable cause to commence that lawsuit in the first place. Charles you should tread lightly.

On another note, I asked Janet about the trial afterwards hoping for some real inside info. and she said:

It's over, thankfully, and if you would be so kind, just shut up about it.

Okaaaay. Don't ask Janet about the lawsuit, it's way behind her now and she's obviously moved on.

Anonymous said...

A fine Sunday,July 12,2009, to the last noni. Janet is so civil... I would have told you.... "Shut the fuck up, OK?"

Anonymous said...

Charles...just think about your "filipina-sweetheart-midnight fuck buddy" even your dad wants a piece of her. Just keep on dreaming and we will keep on laughing.Oh sweetheart your so tight...Oh God...

Anonymous said...

Hi charles...chucky? whatever..."for the wages of sin ,,,is death" e.g. charles Sr. lol