Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter: The Book was Better

I enjoyed every minute of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don't care what George Hasselback has to say about it.

Quidditch was awesome. The scene in the cave played out exactly how I imagined it when I read the book four years ago. Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter, even though he should have messy black hair, not straight brown. Alan Rickman is an incredible Snape, even if the snape I imagined in the books looks a little more like Adam Sandler as Little Nicky dressed in goth.

I still say that Laetitia Casta should have been cast as Fleur, even if she doesn't appear in this movie. And neither does Bill. And Fenrir never turns into a werewolf. And they skip the huge fight in Hogwarts castle at the end.

The movie was still a lot of fun, but no where near as good as the book.

(Who decided it would be a good idea to cut out the werewolf? Every movie gets 5% points better if a werewolf is included!)

Speaking of werewolves, there was a trailer for the new Twilight movie. Werewolves? The new movie has werewolves?

I first heard of Twilight on Hope Reyes' blog. She was counting down the days until the movie came out and predicting that it would win 35 Academy Awards and earn $7.9 billion at the Box Office because it was going to be the greatest. movie. ever. made.

I was in Florida when the film came out last fall and I successfully convinced my two brothers and stepfather to go see the new movie about vampires.

Not so much.

Twilight is about as interesting as Dawson's Creek without Tom Cruise's wife. By the way, are they still married?

Now the new movie has werewolves. Is it going to be more like Underworld? Or are we in for another Dawson's Creek reunion?


Anonymous said...

Twilight is a teeny-bopper film and book. Into vampires? If you're an adult you'd get off by HBO's True Blood. AMAZING series.

mona said...

I have read all the twilight books and I will tell you that the new movie will be infinitely times better than the books. Oh the books were painful to read, but I know they will invest heavily in special effects to make up for the piss poor writing.

Anonymous said...

Heavy effects or not, it's a chick flick/teenie bopper movie. Which of them were ever on par with Titanic or geek flicks like Star Wars? None.