Thursday, July 09, 2009

That's my cousin!

There is an article in the Marianas Variety today with the headline Wounded green sea turtle rescued.
AN injured green sea turtle is now recuperating at an animal clinic after it was rescued while stranded on the beach at the Old Man by the Sea in Talafofo last Wednesday.


Norman Villagomez called DFW after finding the green sea turtle in the shallow waters at Old Man by the Sea.

DFW conservation officers and sea turtle program staff proceeded to the scene immediately and found the juvenile green turtle which was described as “lethargic with injuries to its hind carapace.”


Staffers of the green sea turtle program would like to thank the Villagomez family for calling them.
Norman is my first cousin. Thanks, Norman!

How awesome is it that somebody would try to rescue the turtle instead of simply eating it?

Not that I expect you to memorize these numbers, but the DFW enforcement daytime phone number is 664-6030 and the 24-hour hotline is 898-3570. The sea turtle program’s phone number is 664-6026. Call them if you have a violation to report.

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Brad said...

That is pretty cool, Angelo. What was wrong with it? Will it live? Where do they keep turtles while they're recovering?