Sunday, August 09, 2009

Angelo Villagomez: Candidate for Mayor of Saipan

I turned in over 250 signatures to the Commonwealth Election Commission this morning. I only needed 100, but considering that some of my signatures will be invalidated, it was important to have a healthy buffer of extra names.

They will certify all the candidates in the upcoming days and weeks. The campaign begins right now. So much to do and less than three months to go.


Winter Park Fords said...

Looking good Mr. Mayor!

John said...

We know you have been instrumental in helping to Beautify the CNMI.

Curious to know your position on the following: Federalization/Visa Waiver for China/Russia, Minimum Wage (Continue to let it go each year by $.55 or attempt to stop increase), Article XII (keep or destroy), Casino Gambling on Saipan (Legalize or Ban Forever, Private Property with Abandoned Buildings/Eyesores (Take Action or No Action)... Just a few issues for now.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Hi John,

I'm keeping a list of all the issues I get presented with. I'm going to publish all of these online in the upcoming days.

I got a late start and there is a lot to do to get this campaign off the ground. Getting my issues written down is one of the many tasks.