Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anniversary Dinner for Pete and Matilde Igitol

matilde and pete igitolMy first cousin Matilde and her husband Pete invited me to dinner last night to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary.

We went out to the Friday Seafood Night Buffet at Aqua Resort Club, a buffet I am very familiar with. A few years back Aqua Resort Club donated 10% of the cost of every local resident's meal at Seafood Night to Beautify CNMI. I went there almost every other weekend for a few months.

angelo villagomez and thelma cabreraThe food is as good as ever. Although not seafood, my favorite is the roast beef with gravy. Eating roast beef reminds me of dinner at Aunt Sharon's house when we were kids. Comfort food, I guess.

They also have sushi, tempura, and all kinds of grilled and sauteed fish. Last night they had a salmon in a creamy mushroom sauce. Outstanding. That, and I don't get to eat salmon all that often here. Plenty of tuna in Micronesia. Not that much salmon. And salmon reminds me of dinner at Mom's house around the time of high school and college. Again, comfort food.

AJ and Angelo

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Winter Park Fords said...

Jim hopes that you gave Pete some cigars! I imagine we'll still have lots of salmon when you come to visit next. We have a freezer full from the Alaska fishing trip.