Saturday, August 01, 2009

Diving Sarigan

angelo villagomezI got five dives in during the trip, three in Maug and two in Sarigan.

My final dive in Sarigan was spectacular. At about 100 feet I saw a six-foot white tip shark and two three-foot long humphead parrotfish. Sarigan also has a lot of giant clams (not the huge one's I've heard of from Palau, but bigger than anything on Saipan) and schools and schools of reef fish.

maug divingA big thank you to Brad D, Mark R, and Mike E who let me borrow some of their dive gear. Brad let me use his BCD and a tank, including this safety sausage, which he'll be happy to know was put to good use. We didn't anchor when we did our dives for fear of harming the coral below. We just jumped out of the big boat or the small boat and they would come back and get us after we surfaced. Hence the safety sausage and the whistle.

Sitting in the water waiting for the boat was a lot of fun. We saw at least one shark every time we got in the water.
"Sharks are taught that, should they encounter Harry Blalock underwater, they should remain calm and slowly swim away."

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