Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pagan Needs Beautify CNMI

marine debris paganThe white sand beach on Pagan was covered in marine debris, mainly old fishing gear.

paganvilleThe village near the black sand beach was in desperate need of a cleanup, too. It was littered with cow pies, garbage, and rotting goat heads.


Gus said...

This used to be my playground. Thanks for sharing the photos, Angelo.

Anonymous said...


Did you find any other inhabitants in the Northern Islands other than the four Saures brothers on Agrihan?

jeff said...

Thanks for posting you have a really good sight.

g00$e said...

Pagan was mentioned in a recent NPR report on ocean litter as being a major repository of plastic flotsam. Don't know why they picked Pagan, as you can see the same thing at Tanke Beach. The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre floating garbage patch has grown to where it's actually larger than France. Its accompanying silt layer of ground down plastic nodules the size of sand grains extends 10 - 20 feet below the surface. Many of these plastic nodules find their way to the bottom, where their environmental effect is unknown, but it's difficult to believe that it could be anything but detrimental.

Oil isn't the only destructive substance we need to wean ourselves of. Plastics are a direct derivative of petroleum, so hopefully as oil supplies dwindle and are replaced by more environmentally friendly energy sources plastics will be replaced by biodegradable products.

In the mean time my family keeps taking big, um. . . plastic garbage bags to Tanke Beach, filling them up, dropping them in our dumpster, and hoping the garbage truck guys aren't just dumping it all back in the ocean.

g00$e said...

I'd love to go up paddling and camping up there.

willymoku said...

Cool pics Angelo.. Thanks for sharing the adventure..