Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saipan Korean Association Football Tournament

Today's Angelo for Mayor Weenie Roast was postponed due to inclement weather. I really didn't want to cancel it, but at 11:15 AM everything was wet and it didn't look hopeful that things would clear up. I'm glad we canceled because it rained on and off until 4:00 PM. Nobody wants to go to a weenie roast in the rain.

One reason we held the Weenie Roast at Kilili Beach (besides its convenient central location and ample parking) was that the Saipan Korean Association was hosting a football tournament across the street. I wanted to have a big showing of support for Angelo for Mayor and I thought that in addition to my supporters coming to pick up yard signs and bumper stickers, I could have some of the players coming over for hot dogs and sodas throughout the day.

Well, the rain dashed those hopes. We still managed to play some great soccer, though.

I provided shirts for my team, the Independents, for the tournament. I simply took some of my campaign shirts and added numbers to the back.

We had a great run today. We played two games of regular play, did well enough to make it to the semi-finals, then eeked out a 2-0 win against a team from Guam to make it to the finals where we played MP United.

Our regular central defender couldn't play with us today so I played every minute of every game as central defender. I had a lot of help defending the goal from the giant puddles of mud created by all the rain. The ball would skip over the water sometimes, or it would just come to a complete stop as you were trying to dribble.

Then there were those moments when three attackers and four defenders would swing at the ball and it would only move two or three inches because the water was so deep. These pictures don't do the splashing justice.

Or maybe they do.

With a 2-2 tie at the end of regulation play we went to penalty kicks...and we won! This is the first time the Independents have won a tournament. It must have been the Angelo for Mayor t-shirts!

Our first place trophy now proudly sits on the beer shelf at Wild Bills Bar & Grille right next to a string of second and third place trophies...

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Elizabeth said...

n i was wonderig what happened to the weenie majiger. I love the soccer team uniform...and umm can i get my shirt please =)