Thursday, October 08, 2009

Special Campaign Insert Tomorrow

There will be a special Mayoral insert in tomorrow's Marianas Variety that will include information, articles, photos, and advertisements from the nine candidates for Saipan Mayor. I purchased five advertisements for the insert, one full-color full-page ad and four black & white half-page ads. I think a number of voters will use this insert in selecting the candidate that earns their vote, so I wanted to make a good showing. The insert is also supposed to have an article about me, which I have not yet seen. I hope it is a good one.

The full page ad includes the text of my Chamber of Commerce speech. People want to know what I'll do as Mayor of Saipan? There you have it.

The four half-page ads include testimonials from some of my supporters. The lettering is hard to read in these small photos, so I've posted the testimonials following each ad. It will be easier to read in the large newspaper.

My name is Kelvin Rodeo, and I am an Aviation Support Equipment Technician, Airman in the United States Navy. I am currently stationed in Bremerton , WA on board the USS John C. Stennis, CVN-74. I support Angelo for Mayor because I know and truly believe that he will take care of our island until I am finished serving our country and it is time for me to return home to Saipan. When I was in high school at MHS, I saw all the work that Angelo was doing for our community, and I knew that he had a genuine interest in the betterment of the island and that he had a strong drive to actually do something about it.

I have been gone for almost two and a half years, but I have been keeping track of everything that he has done for our island. I have seen many recent pictures of various areas on the island, and Saipan really does look a lot cleaner than it did before I left. It can only continue to get cleaner with Angelo as our Mayor. This is why I know that Angelo Villagomez is the best choice for Mayor of Saipan. I believe in Angelo so much, that even with my inability to help out in person, I decided that I would still do what I could to help him out by making a donation to his campaign.

I truly believe that Angelo can and will continue to make Saipan a cleaner and safer place for us all, and that is why I am voting for him as Mayor of Saipan. He has proven to us all on multiple occasions that he will rise up to any challenge that is presented to him, so I ask you to please cast your vote for Angelo for a cleaner, safer Saipan.

ASAN Kelvin J. Rodeo
United States Navy
USS John C. Stennis CVN-74
Bremerton, WA

I am supporting Angelo Villagomez for Mayor of Saipan and I ask that you support him, too. I see the same work ethic and dedication to the people of our islands in Angelo as I remember in his father. It was Angelo’s father, Justice Ramon G. Villagomez, who brought me in as one of the first female members of the Rotary Club of Saipan and I can remember Angelo as a little boy. Things came full circle when I sponsored Angelo to become a member himself a few years back.

Please vote Angelo for Mayor in this year’s election. He brings new ideas and a new way of doing things. Our people need his energy and I know he is the mayor we need now.

Agnes McPhetres
San Vicente

I am not old enough to vote in next month’s election, but I am asking those who can to vote Angelo O’Connor Villagomez for Mayor.

I watched Angelo’s speech to the Chamber of Commerce on Youtube, read about his plans on, follow along with his campaign on Facebook and I think he is the best one to be our next mayor.

He reaches out to everyone living on this island, whether young or young at heart, indigenous or indigenous-minded, and reminds us that we can do better.

Think of us, the youth, when you vote for mayor this year. Please vote for Angelo.

Alyssa Sablan
As Matuis

My name is Thelma Cabrera and I am an English teacher at Kagman High School. This is my first year teaching. I recently returned to Saipan after having gone to college and lived a number of years in Arizona.

So many of us go off to college and not enough of us return, but I always knew that I would someday return. And like most of us who spend time in the States, I would check in time to time via the newspaper websites.

That is where I first heard about all Angelo was doing for our islands. It seemed like every time I logged on there was a story about Angelo planting trees, leading a beach cleanup, or helping out our community in a number of other ways.

Now that I am back on Saipan I have seen first hand the affect Angelo has had on our island. I am not suggesting that he did it alone, but Angelo was surely a catalyst that has led to change.

I urge you to vote Angelo O’Connor Villagomez for Mayor in the upcoming election. He has done so much as a community activist. Imagine what he could do as our next Mayor.

Thelma Cabrera
Gualo Rai

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