Monday, October 19, 2009

Telethon Volunteers Needed

The recent tsunami in Samoa has been devastating for the people living there. The CNMI community is trying to collect $50,000 to send to our island brothers and sisters in American Samoa and Western Samoa.

The main thrust of our fundraising is going to be done this weekend with a radio telethon. IT&E has generously donated 10 landlines and now we need volunteers to take phone calls from 6 AM - 6 PM. I am helping to schedule volunteers in one hour blocks and if you think you can help, please contact me ASAP at 285 6462 or

The Rotary Club of Saipan is a sponsor of the telethon and I'm expecting our members to participate, but we still need more help. If you cannot volunteer your time, please try to donate at least $1. $1 might not seem like a lot, but if every single person on this island donates just $1, we'll easily reach our goal of $50,000.

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