Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Things We Know

This is my second campaign commercial. It will play on KSPN 2 News for the next two weeks.
For a place as beautiful as Saipan, we need passionate leadership.

Who knows what we know?

We know that our community faces many challenges and without basic services, we all suffer.

We know that our island depends on welcomed guests enjoying our warmth and hospitality...

...who have good reason to tell others to come back.

We know that we need honest & open government that works for the people...

...and we know that we need the right people in order to do so, that's why I hope you'll join me. With what we know, we can continue together to make Saipan a better place to live and visit.

I'm Angelo O'Connor Villagomez and I am running for mayor of Saipan.

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