Monday, November 23, 2009

Fitial Leads Heinz

I fell asleep last night before all the precinct votes were counted. Fitial currently leads Heinz 6313 to 5812, which is a 4.2% difference. In order to win, Heinz would have to win the remaining absentee ballots by more than 501 votes. So let's say Fitial gets 200 absentee votes, Heinz would have to get 701 just to tie. In other words, we're going to be subjected to five more years of Fitial.

This election reminded me in so many ways of the Presidential Election in 2004. We're going to invade Fallujah any day now; and our leaders were kind enough not to let the issue "bother" us before we headed to the polls.

However, whereas Bush only had four years to wreck havoc on our economy, environment, and security, Fitial now has five.

Fitial's off to a good start. His million dollar plus lawsuit against the federal government was tossed out last night. I'm sure the next step will be not renewing the contracts of all the people he hired right before the election.

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Airistotal said...

Why people support foolish things like the NMI Monument and Federal takeover is beyond me. These two will only lead us down the path of cultural extinction. If any one is interested in how check my blog. Before NE1 flames me for my views remember: The wise are able to entertain an idea without excepting it.