Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Godfather's Christmas Party

The owners and staff of Godfather's celebrated Christmas with a night of drinking and eating and more drinking. This annual party is the stuff of legend.

Scott and Ron opened up the bar for free drinks early in the night and treated us to a spread of delicacies including sushi, pancit, lasagna, and roast pig. Not your typical American Christmas dinner.

I was a big fan of the buffet. That's Scott's lasagna I'm putting a dent in. And no, I wasn't kidding about the roast pig.

Jerry and the band entertained us from 9 PM onwards, that is until the girls decided they wanted to sing. This was the only night of the year Scott let Edz sing. Not that she's a bad singer; she has about the same ability as Paula Hamilton.

You see, the typical Godfather's waitress weighs about 85 lbs. Three Jagerbombs and a margarita.....

And that's not Edz. That's Janice. The photos I took with Edz all came out blurry.

My photos of Santa Clause all came out blurry, too.

Stanley McGinnis TorresOh wait, that's not Santa Clause; that's my good friend Commonwealth Representative Stanley McGinnis Torres!

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