Sunday, December 13, 2009

James Cameron to dive the Trench

In an interview in the English newspaper the Sun this weekend, Director James Cameron reveals that he plans to dive the Marianas Trench in 2010.
Next year he plans to break the world record for the deepest dive by going down 36,000ft to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

He said: "We are building a vehicle to do the dive. It's about half completed in Australia."
What a great opportunity for the Marianas!

James Cameron is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and his new movie Avatar has a strong environmental message.
In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the 55-year-old film-maker said: "The point is that we are devastating habitat and biodiversity at a terrible rate.

"We are causing a global climate change that's going to be absolutely devastating to the coral reefs.

"Science is unable to keep up with our industrial society. We are destroying species faster than we can classify them.

"We are destroying the food chain faster than we can understand it.

"The politicians are over in Copenhagen talking about climate change now - but there are other issues as well."
Again, what a great opportunity for the Marianas. This dive will be covered by every single news media outlet on the planet. It is an opportunity to shine a light on the threats facing the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument: illegal fishing, marine debris, and the effects of climate change.

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