Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Stop Attacking Tourists

Both newspapers carry a story today about a 35 year old Chinese tourist hit by a car outside Grand Hotel on Saturday night. Can we please stop attacking our tourists?

Remember the Korean plane crash in Guam in 1997?
Korean Air Guam Night Flights to be Halted

Korean Air was operating 13 flights per week to Guam that originated in Seoul and Pusan; 10 of those were night flights. After the crash, {Associated Press reported that} the Korean Air President spoke at a parliamentary hearing in Seoul and said that Guam night flights would be suspended until the cause of the crash near Nimitz Hill would be determined. This announcement was only a prelude to the final announcement in October 1st 1997 of a complete pullout of Korean Air from Guam up until March 28 1998. Another Korean Airline, Asiana Air has halted flights into Guam until Sept 12th when FAA will press back into service the Glide Slope device {the Glide Slope was actually fixed on Aug 31st}.
It sure would suck if another airline decided to just stop flying here, wouldn't it?

This latest accident, coupled with the recent shootings and the last decade of robbings and muggings at dive sites and tourist sites is what is destroying tourism and our economy, federalization be damned.


KAP said...

From the stories, the guy crossed two lanes of traffic. It's not clear the driver was at fault.

The Saipan Blogger said...

...and we have poorly designed roads. Pedestrians have been killed on them for decades.