Saturday, December 12, 2009

Under the Pala Pala IV

I've been suffering from technological impairment all week. On Tuesday the CD drive on my MacBook Pro decided that it no longer wanted to work and has been unsuccessfully trying to eject an invisible CD every time I turn it on. The Internet has been out at the house for three days now, too, adding considerably to the amount of gray hair on my head.

I had planned on this Under the Pala Pala discussion being a reflection on my four years leading Beautify CNMI, but now I think I'll save it for next week.

The big news this week is that Benigno Fitial has officially been declared our next governor for the next five years. I congratulate him and Lt. Governor Eloy Inos on their win and urge everyone in the Commonwealth to help them bring prosperity to our shores.

The last four years of Proven Leadership and Proven Experience brought us four years of unparalleled decline. I really want this governor to turn things around, but he's going to have to change. His old way of doing things doesn't work. He needs to be able to listen to criticism and others' ideas without getting so defensive and he needs to stop retaliating against smart, qualified, competent people if they hurt his feelings.

For the sake of the thousands of people living here, I hope he is successful. I do not want him to fail because if he does, we all fail. If he succeeds, we all succeed. And I need him to succeed if I am ever going to move back to these islands.

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Jay said...

Do you feel that he can change, do you think he even sees there is a problem?

Lots of pols have disdain for their opposition and feuds are given in the legislative process.

It's the vindictiveness that I feel sets this particular leader apart and will likely dog him the first two years.

Year 3 will have people weary from it all. Year 4 we should be able to make assessments of whether he has done anything to improve the islands (with what team?) and Year 5 regardless of whether he has or not, after nearly a decade of control, he'll probably coast.

Your decision to return, were it to happen, is in 2016... that's a lot of life in the meantime, go enjoy it.