Friday, January 15, 2010

Guam on the Gov

KUAM, the TV station in Guam, has what I think is so far the best story on Rub-a-dub-dub-gate. It is only two paragraphs long, yet manages to capture everything:
GUAM - CNMI governor Benigno Fitial ordered a federal detainee locked up on alien smuggling charges to be released temporarily so he could get a massage.

According to KSPN2 News he had the masseuse released to relieve his persistent back pain. A federal judge has ordered a hearing into the incident.
I love the way they trivialize everything with "so he could get a massage." Brilliant, says I.

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JohnaSmit said...

The Governor B. Fitial needed the massage. We should all line up and get free massages to from federal detainees....Ah, now we are not sensative to his 'back'..Froilon asks the public to be patient with Fitial...Ah...get over it, all is said and done..accept the what is due to you..FEDERAL PUNISHMENT...TOO MUCH ABUSE OF POWER HERE...AH...MASSAGE, MASSAGE, MASSAGE...RELEASE MY BACK PAIN...LOL